May 1, 2014


I haven't been posting for a while. Okey okey, for quite a long time... So what has happend during the recent days? I got a new job! Now I work in one of the best restaurants in entire Czech Republic. The restaurants gained Michelin stars and many other awards. I really like the way it is organized. Anyways, I kind of like working there because of the customers, who are being all the time so nice to me. I always try to keep smile on my face and be the kindest me. What I have learnt there is that, if you are nice to others, they will never be rude to you. "The way you treat me, I'll treat you" - this is what works for people all around the world. One might call it karma :) Out there, the world is full of kind people. Don't hesitate and smile sometimes at someone on the street. No matter if you don't have a reason to smile. You can give someone a smile to make their day better, and that could be the purpose for your lovely smile.


April 1, 2014



Good day amigos! Since I read a book Start-Up Nation, I have been wondering about entrepreneurs all over the world, and how their way of thinking is incluenced by the environment they live in. In my case, I haven't still signed the declaration of independence, thus my parents do almost everything for me. But as time is changing, I'm getting older and my parents are opening the door out of my comfort zone for. The book named above is encouraging me to move forward, to be positive and mainly believe in what I think it's the best for me to do. Never loose the faith! 

This set, which I've created reflects my current mood and the weather, which is sooo lovely. Spring is here and some of us can't wait for the summer. This extremely cute dress from Tea collection is perfect for Spring strolling around the city with your other half or with friends. During the Spring evenings it might get a bit cold, therefore this pinkie Fiurica coat by Malene Birger is super duper cool to have in your closet, and here we go - Chanel espadrilles! I sooo love them, maybe it is time to start moaning and driving crazy my mom to force her to make me happy by buying me them haha. Little Asian devil on the scene! 

March 31, 2014

Monday's #regram 1


Good day folks! Hope you have had a wonderful Monday. Mine has been good, my classmates are in Holland, therefore I don't even have to take classes, because there are not enough students. I wish I was in Holland... Stupid me didn't send the application in time haha. So, as I was bored, My thought went to a direction of this blog. I don't know yet what kind of direction should I follow - whether travel blog or fashion one. So I sat down, wondered, wrote down and so on. My thought came to a result - As I check Instagram almost every second, I thought I could post every Monday photos of people I follow, who stole my heart. Voilà here it is!

I have been following this girl since I found her amazing music videos on Youtube. She is a fabulous French singer, who has released some amazing songs. Definitely woth to listen and to watch them! Her music is so fresh and girly, but not so. She is trying to be not that cliché. I'm sure you would get addicted to her photos on instagram! She knows how to make her photos mesmerizing! Long long long time I was wondering why. Well, I got the answer in an interview with her on Youtube. She studies photograpy! Hah j'ai réussi! 

March 30, 2014



Cashmere, cashmere, cashmere... If you ever visit Mongolia, then you can not leave my land without a cashmere goods! There are so many brands, that produce cashmere accecoires, clothing and so on. One of my favorite brand is definitely Altai Cashmere, their goods are luxury and with high quality. But today, I want to introduce you another brand. It was founded in 2002 by Mongolian designer Oyuna Tserendorj. She named her brand after her - OYUNA, which is based in the UK and its products are made there too. The cashmere is ultra-soft and you just feel like you will never take it off. Oyuna is representing her brand as nomadic. According to her biography, she herself is a proper nomad! She was born in Mongolia, has lived in Hungary, Paris and finally settled in London. 



My bag is BACK! Le Pliage Cuir, l'amour de moi is back. A huge story is hiden in this chic Longchamp. I got it like a gift from my Mom and since the October of last year I've experienced with this bag so many things. At the begining of this year, I was doing a guide to my friend from Geneva. After little strolling around Prague, I looked at my bag and I stayed shocked for at least 10 minutes till I actually realized what happend. Someone slit my bag to steal my purse! My passport, insurence card, credit card etc were gone and the bag was looking awful! Long time I was thinking whether to throw it or not. But then I decided to keep it... It reminds me so many wonderful stories I've been getting through, therefore I decided to have it repaired. Now mon amour looks chic back.

So, I'm wearing Mohito dress. This brand has its chains all over the Central and Eastern Europe, but if you are from different part of the world, dont worry. You can purchase their elegant good online on their website. They have really awesome pieces, similar to Zara. It's still a bit cold outside, thus this spring Zara coat is perfect! I can wear it with jeans, skirts, shorts, with everything. Thumbs up fot this coat! Red heels from Bata (Czech brand, it has chains all over the world) look nice in contrast to the brown Le Pliage Cuir.

Wish you all a wonderful Sunday xoxo