March 31, 2012

Windy day

Good afternoon luvies :)
So basicaly I had to persuade my mom to go out with me, she's such a lazy woman lol. We went to Terezin ( concetracition camp from Second World War), it's realy sad place, when you are there, everything seems unhappy. I look so fat in thouse trousers haha ... Anyways enjoy the weekend :)

What I am wearing - Top  H&M, belt Zara, Pants Mango, handbag ASOS.COM, heels Topshop

March 24, 2012

Just Outfit

Sandals : H&M
Hat : Takko
Sunglasses : H&M
Watch : Casio
Parfume : Dolce&Gabbana  The One ( BUY )
Rings : Gate
Leather purse : ( It was a gift )
Trousers : Kenvelo
Jumper : H&M

March 10, 2012

Big Messy Hair Bun

Goog afternoon

Yesterday I was trying to find some good hair tutorial videos on Youtube and guess what. I found realy lovely video there, there is a girl with british accent and If you know me you know that I love british accent :)

Anyways  It's realy easy to do the big bun.

blouse : Forever21
trousers : Kenvelo
heels : Topshop