June 23, 2013

Daniel Wellington

My wishlist is full of stuffs that I do not need but I despairingly want la montre de Daniel Wellington! DW watches are simple and elegant therefore I have just fell in love with them. The leather band or the natostrap?

Be proud of your nation

I love meeting new people, I love learning languages and I love getting know new cultures even though they are so different from mine, but maybe that is the reason why I am so in love with this. I usually like more stuffs that are mysterious to me, so I try to study them, understand them and I try to be like them but it always ends up with the words “I am Mongolian, nothing less, nothing more, simply – I am Mongolian.”

We, the teenagers who live in foreign countries but whose hearts belong to land of our ancestors, we are lucky and unlucky en même temps. On one side we are lucky to have an opportunity to get know like a natives the country where we live in and on the other side, we are impoverished by the true patriotic sentiments. Although those ones who do not live in their countries seem to be the biggest patriots but it is just because they miss their country, so they have to express their feelings by posting flags of their states the on social networks (bad example) and because of that, they seem like the biggest patriots. But one can not judge if the patriotic sentiments are real, especially not me.

I have not been in my homeland for ten years. Yes, ten years... I lost ten years just because I was afraid of what I might see and feel there. I thought - what if I do not like it? What if I do not have anything to be proud of? What if I feel ashamed of my country? And then I grew up and my mind has totally changed since that. 

Every nation has something to be proud of, every nation has given something useful to our world. My advice is - if you are not sure that you are proud of your nation, learn about your national history, watch national news and ask your family about information of your country. I am one hundred percent sure you are going to find out something.

Christian Dior Lady Lady 1

I guess if you a girl, you know my situation -all the time when my mom buys or gets something that she does not like in few days, it is mine then. Thanks to this system my wardrobe gets more expensive and sometimes stylish as well. So the last thing that my mom threw away are sunglasses Dior Lady Lady 1. They suit all of my friends, therefore they are suitable for everyone (my friends have so different shapes of face from each other), which is a big plus. We Asians have sometimes a big problem with finding a perfect sunglasses that would suit to our face and mainly to our nose (G-d was not fair) and in my opinion I have finally found the right sunglasses. I am definitely recommending you them.

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I am back

Dear readers,
After such a long time I am back here like never again. The reason why my blog has been stagnating is that I had been working on my new blog about Israel. I attended to a competition called Cemach and the first prize was a trip to Israel and guess what... My blog won! I am pretty excited now because my dream will come true in July. Moi, Khulan Davaajav will breath an air of Israel soon!!!

 Some girls are idolaters of pop singers or fashion bloggers, me as well but I fell in love with the Middle East so much that I listen to Arabic music, read news from this region etc. I have even tried to learn Arabic, but unfortunately without any success. I failed on the pronunciation. I actually know Hebrew Alphabet but I can not read, you might be surprised that I know the Alphabet but I can not read. Simple answer - I just can not recognize the words. Otherwise some basic phrases have settled in my mind.

Enough of this. Let me tell you the next reason of my stagnating - my Nikon camera was stolen. Pityingly I cried but it happened and I can not change it now. Because of that I do apologize for photos with low quality that I will be taking by my Iphone.

Wish you all the best Sunday,