December 24, 2013

Guten tag from Switzerland

Dear my buddies,
At the beggining of December I wondered where to spend a time during the winter holiday. I had two choices according to my mom - Greece or Switzerland. Even though I have never been to Greece, I decided for Switzerland - for the super expensive country, where I have already been twice. I have no idea why I decided so, it just felt right at that time. So well, here I come, laying in the bed of nice hotel in a city called Wattwil (it's about one hour by car to Zurich).

Switzerland is a nice place, in case you have lot of money. For avarage people from Eastern Europe the prices might seem ridiculously high. I'm saying this as a person from Czech Republic, which is considered as country of Middle Europe and if I wasn't here with my mom, my purse would probably go bankrupt. The prices are about tree or four times higher but the monthly avarage wage of people working in Switzerland is about $6000. So it makes sense, that the prices are so high.

While walking around the cities, I've felt quite uncomfortable because everything here is in order. I mean, I'm from Mongolia, where nothing is in order and I live in the Czech Republic, where one might expect things being in order, but actually they aren't, so you can understand my feelings. I like to relax, chill, do nothing and just walk slowly around. I feel like these people come even 10 minutes before the meeting starts. In some eyes it is super cool and I would love to be active as Swiss people are and don't waste any of my valuable time, but I haven't been raised up and I don't live in such an environment. Maybe if it happens that I'd be accepted to some university here, I might be like them.

When I get 40 years old or more, I would love to come here and spend nice holiday with my husband, because it is very calm place, where you can relax and think about youself, but at age of mine it seems quite boring. The shops, restaurants and bars close quite early compared to Prague.

To conclude it - I have still some days left here, so I'll try to enjoy it and think positively as much as I can. Maybe the problem lies in me, maybe the reason why I feel so bored is me. I'm looking forward to find out! Tomorrow I'm going out as new person. I'll let you know buddies!

Happy holidays to you all!

Xoxo, Khulan