January 31, 2014


Heyyy Amigos!
Since I visited Israel, I have been wondering about pencil skirt. I have seen them on sooo maaaany girls there and I loved it. It makes you look very elegant. I hear many girls at my age saying that long skirts (as I am wearing in the photos below) should be worn by women 30+. I absolutely disagree with this opinion. I mean, this kind of skirt looks much better than the extra short mini skirts, which are popular among my age group haha. 
Hope you all are having great weekend and don't party too much ;)

Shirt : H&M
Leather Jacket : Mango
Skirt : F&F
Heels : F&F
Necklace : H&M


As many of you have noticed, there is a big festival going on in the Asia.This festival is well-known under the name Chinese New Year or Lunar New year. Countries of Asia celebrate it in various ways. In Mongolia, this festival is called Tsagaan Sar, which means 'White Moon'. Many people expect Mongolian culture to be very similar to Chinese one, but naaah, it's absolutely different. Our mentality is completely different. Chinese people are well-know for their hard-working skills, while Mongolians are known for their laziness haha.

Tsagaan sar has been practiced for hundred years, but during the Mongolian communist period it was banned. Despite this fact, many people were celebrating it, secretly. After the revolution in 1990, Mongolians could happily continue in keeping our tradition alive without any fear.

Today, Tsagaan Sar is one of the main festivals among Mongolians. I would probably say, that it is the most important one. We meet our family members, that we haven't seen for ages, friend etc. People are suddenly very kind to each other and I just love it! I always feel such a warmth around me.

What do we people all around the world have in common in case of festivals? FOOD! Lots of food! My mom and I, we usually buy a sheep and let some men kill it in the traditional way, but this year my mom had lots of work, so we couldn't celebrate it properly (disadvantage of living abroad). I had to satisfy myself by looking at photos of my fellow brothers and sisters on facebook this year haha. So, sheep is top meat during this festival, then we eat 'Buuz'. Kazakhs call it 'Manty' and by this name is it known in the world. It's a steamed dumpling filled with meat. Once you taste it, you will never want to eat anything else. It's totally addictive! There are many other dishes cooked during Tsagaan sar.

We Mongolians have very special way of greeting called 'Zolgokh', that is practiced just during this festival. Zolgokh is the way we show respect to elders. Younger person places his arms under the elders and grasps their elbows. While doing this, they touch each other's cheeks and say "Amar baina uu?", which means "Are you in peace?" (the translation sounds weird haha). The elders usually smell the youngers while touching each other's cheeks.

There are many many many other customs practiced during Tsagaan Sar. If I had to write all of them, this article would be endless! If you are interested in Tsagaan Sar, visit my beloved country Mongolia :)

January 26, 2014

Samarkand, the land of heart's desire

I'm a huge fan of Kazakhstan, but since I decided to rename my blog to Nomad Empire and the main concept is to share with you all the beauty of Euroasia, I thought I should post something from other countries like Uzbekistan.
One day, I would love to travel this region. I would like to follow the steps of Genghis Khan's army and check out what immoral acts the Mongol army was doing to create such a history of ours. A part of me is proud of history of Mongols. Thanks to Genghis Khan, nowadays people know who Mongolians are. No one is like "What? Mongolia? Is it a country? Where it is situated?". But another part of me is disappointed that to reach some name in the world, Mongol army killed more then 40 million people. It was hundred years ago, so people usually do not care about the people, who were killed at those times, because we do not have the opportunity to study stories of individuals, who suffered under the Mongol control. Stories of individuals always work as the most touchy ways of describing crimes in the history. An example of that is Anne Frank. From bottom of my heart I hope, the people and their descendants, who suffered because of my ancestors, have forgiven us.
Back to the Uzbekistan... I would like to show you photos of second-largest city in this beautiful country - Samarkand. It is actually one of the oldest cities in the world with history dating back to 700 BC. Many nations have crossed through this city, because of its location, that people usually call Silk Road. Persians, Greeks, Turks, Mongols, and so on have ruled this land. The last foreign ruler were Soviets. You can see and feel the recent Soviet influence even through the photos. I still wonder whether this kind of influence was good or bad for Uzbekistan and even for other 'stans' including Mongolia, but I still hope that everything bad is good for something, for something what will come and enlighten us.

photos from 7milesbelow


Good morning amigos! Today I'm staying at home with my friend lady sofa haha. Well, I have to study for some exams, that will be held next week, and If I have some time left, I'll  post some photos of beautiful Kazakh girls, that I am huge fan of. I'm sooo in love with culture of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and so on. I feel like we are one big family, although they belong to Turkic nations while Mongolians don't. Our culture is very similar, we live in similar 'tents' (it is actually called Yurt) and our meals are similar (e.g. Manty). Sometimes when I walk on the street, some people speak to me in Russian, because they think I'm Kazakh or Kyrgyz or Buryat, and I always come up with my broken Russian saying "Ehm, I'm sorry I do not speak well Russian".
So, about this dress I'm wearing... I bought it in Mongolia last summer. I'm so sorry girls, I bought it in one little boutique in Ulan Bator and I don't remember the name of it (no label on it). They are possible to be worn at proms, parties or even just for hanging out with friends. I have been wondering about buying more maxi dresses and longer skirts since I visited Israel. The girls there have such a decent style and it looks chic, plus no one is calling you sl*t haha. Those heels I bought in F&F before I went to Switzerland. I went to shopping mall just to buy some food but I ended up checking clothing, as usual...
I hope you all are having super duper end of the weekend.


DRESS : unknown boutique in Mongolia


At the beginning of January I could go out wearing just leather spring jacket from Mango, but now that would be impossible. It's sooo cold that I almost feel like If I was living back in Mongolia, where it's incredibly cold during the winter. I kind of don't know what to wear during the winter haha and this time I tried to experiment and come up with something new, something I haven't worn before. So yeah, this is it. I'm wearing mink fur jacket (unknown brand), which is amazingly warm and I just love it. Other parts of my outfit are not that extravagant. I decided to mix the fur jacket with something soft, what would make people stare just at the jacket. I was actually wondering about jeans but these pants won. They match perfectly to U.S. Polo Assn boots. I would definitely go for my brown Le Pliage Cuir bag from Longchamp, but since someone made a huge cut in it and stole my purse, I can not use my beloved bag anymore.
Hope you all are having super awesome weekend  :)


PANTS : Lindex

January 25, 2014

Prom of Ivy and Olga

Sometimes I wonder about friendships. In my case, the older I get, the more difficult it is for me to make real friends, who don't want to just use me to achieve their goals. I've been moving from one city to another one my whole life and I've never made any roots in a place, where I had been living for few years. So, since I was a kid, my life has been just about making some friends in one city and then suddenly moving away and I making new friends again, while not being in touch with the old ones.
When I was 13, I joined a dance group called Asia Dalmateens and there I met there Olga, Adria and Ivy. We used to meet up at least twice per a week to learn some choreography and we just had fun, but I would never believe that our friendship could be so real. Yesterday I realized that the fact (not having real friends), I was afraid of, is no longer one of my fears, because I do have MY PEOPLE! We understand each other perfectly, even though we all are so different. I can't even describe by words what I feel now. I'm just really happy. 
Yesterday I went with Adria to a prom of Ivy and Olga (they attend same school). This event was held in Lucerna, in Prague. It is a very nice place on Wenceslas square. Everything was well prepared and the atmosphere was amazing. This event reminded me a question, that has been in my mind the past few days. What will happen with our friendship when we are no longer high school students but university students and some of us might be studying abroad? The answer is in the stars... Now I just know that no matter what will happen, I just want them to know, that I love them so much and I'm really grateful for having them in my life.

Ivy looks wonderful! Doesn't she?

Olga (white dress on the left) and Ivy with their two classmates


My beloved Adriaaaa

Classmates of Ivy and Olga at the afterparty in Hany Bany club 

This is Masha and people do say we look like sisters. Do we? haha

Awkwardly taking selfie 

Asian Mafia