February 28, 2014


My last article about Switzerland was not so positive. The whole trip was seriously boring, I won't lie about that to you buddies, but I met there one amazing person, who brought a light to my life that time. Looking back, I think I should be more showing how actually grateful I am to people, who deserve it. Thanks to that person my negativity over Switzerland disappeared and now I feel like I wanna live there in the future. I know this way of saying 'Thank you' might be trop cliché, but yeah here it is haha.
Anyways, on Wednesday my mom asked me to go with her to Switzerland and I was like "omg why not". You know... If there is an opportunity to leave Czech Republic, I always go for it. That night on Wednesday we headed to Zurich, to city, that my heart belongs to. I love trips by car, seriously... I think this way of getting somewhere is my favorite one and gives me always a time to think of my life, to think what should be changed or whether my goals are really what I want from my bottom of my heart, plus it improves my knowledge of car brands haha. 
When we finally got to Switzerland, the cars suddenly changed... Don't know whether I was so blinded last time here, but this time I realized how Swiss people keep their cars creepily CLEAN! No doubt about that... If I had a car as Swiss people have, I would be polishing it every bloody day. This reminds me, that I should take driving lessons this month. Swiss roads are like exhibition of the coolest cars in the world. The most often seen brands were BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz and after moaning that I want this car or that one, my mom promised me to buy me a BMW if I do well in my studies.
Many people think that I do travel a lot. Maybe I do... But my way of traveling is not what they suppose it to be like. I don't visit countries if I don't have a specific reason for going there. This time I went to Switzerland to help my mom with translating. She wanted to buy a car there and the vendor didn't speak English, so she couldn't properly communicate with him. So I came, me and my broken French shone. Well, it is not that broken haha. I was able to understand and reply. Everything went great and contract was signed. 
I was planning to text my friend to ask him if he has a time to meet, but it was actually me, who had no time. My mom needed to be back in Czechia on Friday morning, so we went immediately back. 
While crossing the streets of Zurich, a pain stroke me heart. I realized how I love being in this city. I really do... I adore just sitting in some restaurant with wide windows to the streets, so I can watch the people. Last time I was complaining about how everything is organized here, but now I love it. The more I wonder about Switzerland, the more I love this country. The people here are so nice to me. I can not even believe how kind they are to me. One day I'll be living in Switzerland! I'll...

February 24, 2014


Hello loves! Guess what! You won't believe it! Bum Bum Bum! Wait for it! Well, yeah Asian Fashion Week 2014 will be held in one the the countries Nomad Empire is representing! Today I was surfing on the internet and I found this great info! The last one in 2013 were held in Japan and this year it will run in Ulan Bator (Mongolia) in August 28-31st. Designers, models, hairdressers, fashion bloggers, from some 50 countries of fashion industry continent Asia, will come and show their best. I guess, Mongolian designers' projects will be in traditional/modern way. This is a big event for Mongolia! We can show the world, that our country is not a land of nothing. I'm sooo excited!


February 8, 2014


Fashion is one of my passions. The thing I love about it is, that it's related to everything, even to the Olympic Games. Before these ones in Sochi started, I saw a post on Facebook commenting uniforms of teams, that are going to be worn during these few days. When I saw the uniforms, the French ones, designed by Lacoste, got my heart! That time (don't know why) I did not have l'envie de voir the Mongolian uniforms. Maybe I am not such a patriot as I thought haha. Anyways, today I saw another post about Olympics on Facebook. It was a post about a little contest "Support Your Team" on Sochi2014.com, where people can click on support buttons of their countries. What really surprised me, it actually still surprises me, is that my country Mongolia, with its population of nearly three million, leads the whole list of the countries. Second place belongs to Russia for now, and third one to Uzbekistan (I'm surprised again). The thing, I wanted to point out, is that the feeling of patriotism has raised in me. We finally managed to be a united and that's what I love so much about Olympic Games in general. Well, I did a little research of Mongolian team in Sochi and I wanted to see who clothes them. A little fear of mine was, that the team is not wearing Mongolian products, but guess what! Goyo Cashmere, an amazing legendary Mongolian brand is dressing the team, but the ceremonial costumes were designed by young talented Italian creative mind Stefano Ughetti. The outfits of the Italian designer might seem like from Hogwarts. If you know me, then a smile on your face would definitely appear now, because I'm a huge fan of Happy Potter, and I get always so crazy about things related to these super duper cool books/films. "10 points for Gryffindor!"

Click here -> sochi2014.com/support-country

I'm so sorry for the quality of the photos, I couldn't find better ones.



Today I decided to be a bit productive, but I hadn't had any idea how it should be done. Lots of you have certainly noticed, that everyone's conversation is just about the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. You hear it everywhere - in TV, at home, on the streets... I'm not into sport but I love the atmosphere of Olympic Games. I have no clue how you guys feel about them, but I feel such a warmth and unity of our five continents. To me, it is a time of positive patriotism, which makes people united and considers on what we have in common, not on what divides us. Yesterday, when I was watching the opening ceremony, I was amazed what Russian Federation has managed to do for these Olympics. No matter, how the progress of creating such an awesome event went through, the goal has been reached and they proved to the world, that the Russian Federation belongs to giant leaders of our beloved earth.

Hosting Olympic games is generally very profitable for economy of certain country, not just for economy. Even though the officials invest so much money into building the Olympic dream, it's a good investment because many people from all around the world come to attend these historical events. I bet everyone's dream is to attend some Olympic Games at least once in their life (mine is). For owners of hotels, restaurants, bars etc it's a bright time of their businesses. Basically, the state can show off itself and attract more tourists, which means a good name in the world and higher income for local businessmen, so for the state.

Well, I shouldn't be talking too much about business and money. Blame the Bloomberg Magazine, that (no one knows how) appeared on my desk haha. Sometimes it happens, that things which come out of my mouth are just related to some financial stuffs. I'm trying to reduce this way of thinking of mine, because I have noticed that people don't like conversations about money and I do not want to make people annoyed with me. That's for sure. Anyways, keep watching Olympics and enjoy the few days of pointing out our unity. I'm crossing my fingers for Kazakhstan to be selected as a host of Olympics in 2022. ALMATY wish you luck!

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