March 31, 2014

Monday's #regram 1


Good day folks! Hope you have had a wonderful Monday. Mine has been good, my classmates are in Holland, therefore I don't even have to take classes, because there are not enough students. I wish I was in Holland... Stupid me didn't send the application in time haha. So, as I was bored, My thought went to a direction of this blog. I don't know yet what kind of direction should I follow - whether travel blog or fashion one. So I sat down, wondered, wrote down and so on. My thought came to a result - As I check Instagram almost every second, I thought I could post every Monday photos of people I follow, who stole my heart. Voilà here it is!

I have been following this girl since I found her amazing music videos on Youtube. She is a fabulous French singer, who has released some amazing songs. Definitely woth to listen and to watch them! Her music is so fresh and girly, but not so. She is trying to be not that cliché. I'm sure you would get addicted to her photos on instagram! She knows how to make her photos mesmerizing! Long long long time I was wondering why. Well, I got the answer in an interview with her on Youtube. She studies photograpy! Hah j'ai réussi! 

March 30, 2014



Cashmere, cashmere, cashmere... If you ever visit Mongolia, then you can not leave my land without a cashmere goods! There are so many brands, that produce cashmere accecoires, clothing and so on. One of my favorite brand is definitely Altai Cashmere, their goods are luxury and with high quality. But today, I want to introduce you another brand. It was founded in 2002 by Mongolian designer Oyuna Tserendorj. She named her brand after her - OYUNA, which is based in the UK and its products are made there too. The cashmere is ultra-soft and you just feel like you will never take it off. Oyuna is representing her brand as nomadic. According to her biography, she herself is a proper nomad! She was born in Mongolia, has lived in Hungary, Paris and finally settled in London. 



My bag is BACK! Le Pliage Cuir, l'amour de moi is back. A huge story is hiden in this chic Longchamp. I got it like a gift from my Mom and since the October of last year I've experienced with this bag so many things. At the begining of this year, I was doing a guide to my friend from Geneva. After little strolling around Prague, I looked at my bag and I stayed shocked for at least 10 minutes till I actually realized what happend. Someone slit my bag to steal my purse! My passport, insurence card, credit card etc were gone and the bag was looking awful! Long time I was thinking whether to throw it or not. But then I decided to keep it... It reminds me so many wonderful stories I've been getting through, therefore I decided to have it repaired. Now mon amour looks chic back.

So, I'm wearing Mohito dress. This brand has its chains all over the Central and Eastern Europe, but if you are from different part of the world, dont worry. You can purchase their elegant good online on their website. They have really awesome pieces, similar to Zara. It's still a bit cold outside, thus this spring Zara coat is perfect! I can wear it with jeans, skirts, shorts, with everything. Thumbs up fot this coat! Red heels from Bata (Czech brand, it has chains all over the world) look nice in contrast to the brown Le Pliage Cuir.

Wish you all a wonderful Sunday xoxo



Good day to you all! I hope you all are having super duper cool Sunday as I'm having. My friend Vivy went to Holland today, so I'm just waiting till she texts me how awesome or boring Holland is. I've never been there, thus I'm so excited to hear something from her. Yesterday we did a quick primitive photoshooting, before she was gone. 
A very long time, I was thinking of some retro outfit, but when I checked out my wardrobe, there was not a single piece of clothing, that has been flashing through my mind. But, when I checked Vivy's wardrobe. Oh my G-d! She is such a retro girl... So I dressed up her as I was thinking to dress up myself, if I had some retro clothing. 
The Pull&Bear top is quite boring, when it is left alone. The thing, which makes it so chic is the masive necklace - half golden, half silver. Zara always rocks. What I like the most on this outfit are these retro jeans from Topshop. The jeans are called "Mom Jeans" and look just awesome. I was wondering whether to choose Vans sneakers or these super cute Zara heels. Zara won!

March 22, 2014



Third day of the Never Ending Wonderland Austria is here. I bet I'll be remembering this day forever. So many things were on the list to experience and to learn that day. Early in the morning I started with my almost daily routine - jogging. I'm kind of city girl, thus I've been jogging just around the cities, but this time I had this amazing opportunity to run, to do a little sight-seeing around the amazing lake and to breathe such a clean air at the same time. The weather was just perfect since the morning. Before I actually went out, I checked on Google Maps what are my options. I decided for the footpath alonside the mesmerizing lake Hallstattersee starting from the forest close to Resort Obertraun and ending in another forest, but on the opposite side of the resort. My sneakers went totally dirty, but I didn't care, I loved it haha.

When I got back, delicious breakfast was waiting for me. I'm really lucky to be a part of such a family as mine. They always take care of me, always. There has not been a single minute, when they would be like "Do whatever you want, we don't care". They always try to help me and find the best solution for me, in every case. No matter whether in case of just food or my future. My uncle once came from the supermarket with tons of salads, because I mentioned that I'm about to start a healthy lifestyle. Apart of that, he gives me always very wise life advices and says "If you would ever need a help, just tell me." He has his own family, 3 daughters and an amazing wife. To be honest, he has no reason to help me, but he does. Awww thank you G-d so much for my family. 

After the delicious breakfast that my antie prepared for us, we all went hiking in the Dachstein Mountains. Naah just kidding... We got to the top using a funicular :D Once I tried hiking in the mountains, and then promised myself to never torture myself like that anymore. The way to the top, let me be correct, the way to the end of the funicular way, was pretty comfty and one could see the mesmerizing nature of Austria. When I looked down, I could see the Hallstattersee lake and an amazing green land, then when I turned myself to the direction of the funicular, I could see the white empire of Never Ending Wonderland Austria. When I saw what other people were wearing in the funicular, I felt a bit ashamed of my Nike sneakers, but then I saw that Asian girl wearing heels... 



When you meet Asian tourists, I bet you have noticed that, the only thing they do more than anything else is taking photos :D. Well, yeah I can't say all Asians except us. So after taking tons of photos, we took a funicular going down and that Asian girl as well. Poor her, she was traveling totally alone, but she told me later that she enjoys much more traveling alone... We offered her a lift to Obertraun, where she was accomodated as well and she was so happy and grateful that we took her there. Asians helping Asians :) 




She stayed in Obertraun and we continued in our trip. The next destination of ours was a city called Hallstatt. This city is truly traditional Austrian! One could see even the old people wearing their traditional clothing. I don't usually focus on architecture, but this time my eyes couldn't stop looking at it and sending messages to my brain, which was thinking how how how the hell have they built such breath-taking houses on such 'impossible-to-build-on' grounds?! Smart people... Strolling through the Hallstatt with the amazing view to the lake brought to me a huge amount of possitive energy. I don't know why, I just felt so possitive and happy. This place is really amazing for people who live stressful life, it takes to you to such a peace and you feel like there are no wars, no bad people, no racisme and blah blah in the world, this list would be endless... 







When we finished sight-seeing, we went back to the Resort Obertraun. The weather was so lovely, that we pulled out the sofa and relaxed in the garden. Well, I'm well known for being unskilled in housework among my family relatives, thus they don't even ask me to do something. This day, I felt like proving the opposite! I took my two uncles and went to a little local food shop and bought ingreadients for cooking/baking french Quiche Lorraine. I have usually meals cooked for me, but this time it was me, who prepared the dinner for my family. My uncle helped me with the Mongolian soup, but Quiche lorraine I prepared myself. All of them were surprised, that I can cook and moaning how delicious it is haha. Voilà, je sais cuisiner!





My uncle told me, that when he visited this place last year in July, people were skiing up there and swimming down here. I think this place is definitely the right place to spend your holiday. You won't regret, expecially if you are from a big city. The locals are very friendly and speak very good English, so don't worry about a language barrier. I'm thinking of bringing my friends here. I want them to see and experience the same as me. It's a great place if you are looking for peace and quiet. Definitely worth to visit!


March 20, 2014


To be honest, the first two days of my journey to Austria were seriously boring, because the rainy weather took a control over these two days, therefore there was nothing to do, except eating, eating and once more - eating. 
When I woke up, I went jogging around Stadtpark and ended up somewhere very strange to me. I've been visiting Vienna every year, but never encouraged myself to leave my comfort zone and explore the unknown part of Vienna. My auntie lives close to Am Modenapark surrounded by embassies, approx. 15 min. walk to the famous Stephansplatz. The older I get, the more I feel like I need to get out from my comfort zone. This time, I just let my Nike Air sneakers choose the direction. They took me somewhere alongside the river Danube. It surprised me that many people that morning went jogging, even though the weather was bloody windy and freezing. 


Around 10am my family and I started our journey to the most wonderful place in Europe I've ever been to - Obertraun. Thanks God, motorways exist! Otherwise the ride would be lasting ages. Obertraun is located in Upper Austria, approx. 70 km from Salzburg. Its architecture is held in the traditional Austrian way of housing. I loved it. After 3 hours of ride, we finally reached the destination of ours - Resort Obertraun! This resort is situated exactly next to the wonderful lake Hallstättersee. Just imagine waking up with the view of lovely lake and amazing mountains from your window! Ahhhh... Makes me feel like going back there. You can rent a whole house there. The interior is just so cozy. Sauna, big balcony, all kitchen equipment, comfortable beds etc. It just makes you feel like at home. I think renting flats or houses is much better than hotel rooms. I'll add in the next post more photos so you can feel the same haha. 

               Interior of the house in Obertraun resort

              View from the window of my room

Since we arrived, it has been raining. I started to think for a while, that this trip is going to be a disaster, if the weather keeps being so hostile. But the best day spent in Austria was waiting for me...


March 19, 2014

Day 1 - Journey to Vienna

One thing I truly love about Europe is her extent. You can get very easily from one state to another by car, in my case by bus. One day you are taking beer challenges with your friends in Prague and the next day, you're strolling in romantic Paris exploring the beauty of her architecture. For backpackers it must be super easy and comfortable taking trips around Europe. We, kids who live in Europe, are so lucky, expecially if we live in one of the 25 countries of Schengen area. Public transpotation within the states is quite cheap and one is not usually bothered by police control on the borders. 
I've never taken a flight to Vienna, never. I have usually my ticket purchased on, this company offers bus rides to many European countries, plus compared to other companies, the prices are very affordable. The seats are very comfortable, you can watch films and mainly there is a free wifi acces! Something I can not live without, and I guess you too. 
This time, the ride to Vienna passed quite quickly. I pulled my headphones in my ears to listen to album of Sam Smith, and let my mind fly back to the moments spent in Switzerland. Sure I wouldn't be thinking so much about the past, because what I have done is impossible to change, and I do not think of past normally. In case of Switzerland, I wonder about that moments, because they remind me life advices my friend was giving me. The advices have totally changed my way of thinking and acting, therefore I do really appreciate the moments spent in Switzerland and I do even more admire my friend. I would really love to share with you his life story, but I'm not sure whether I can, and I can't get his permission, because we are not in touch anymore. Don't worry amigos, I'll study and work hard to reach such a goal, so I can narrate you the life story. 
So, back to the first day... When we arrived, it has been already raining in Vienna. Therefore, we ended up chatting at my aunt's place playing with my little cousin. But since the bus crossed the borders, I felt like the bus has just driven across the borders to a totally different world. Everything seems so clean and organized there. Rarely you would feel some negativity from the locals. When you smile at someone, they give you the smile back. First of all, their attitude towards foreigners is much more positive. This is one attribute I care the most about. Everywhere I travel to, I always focus on how locals treat the foreigners. When I was in Mongolia last summer, I could notice that Mongolians are not so polite and friendly to the tourists, who went there in order to enjoy their holiday, as for example Thai people are. Therefore people love traveling to Thailand, they recommend their friends to take a trip to Thailand. The more tourists, the more flourishing economy, which means people not living anxious lives... So, what I am trying to point out is that we all are kind of ambassadors. We represent our country, no matter which state we are from, how old we are or what gender we are. We shouln't show to foreigners at the first time the bad things about us. That doesn't mean being fake, but pointing out our valuable attributes rather than the worthless ones...

              View from Stadtpark to Kursalon (luxurious restaurant Das Johann inside)


            Birthday cake of my uncle. Guess who ate almost one half of the cake yummiiii

March 18, 2014


I have been visiting Vienna since I was able to travel on my own by bus. My mom never sends me to a place, where she doesn't know anyone who would be taking care of me. Vienna has been a good option for me according to this rule, because her younger sister/my auntie has been living there for ages. She used to look after me when I was little, and basically she has been always around me, thus I feel like she is the closest person among my relatives. I do not have even such a relationship with my brother or other cousins, but that is quite obvious. It is not surprising to me, because I don't get in touch with them that often, we don't meet up every year, because they live far away in Mongolia or in countries, where visa is required in case of me, because I am still a holder of Mongolian passport. 
As far as I remember, last time I visited Vienna was in August 2013. The main purpose of my visit was my new born cute cousin. It took me a half year to come back here again. This time the main purpose was a family reunion. My grandma took the long flight to Europe from Mongolia and my uncle came from London. Because my auntie is moving back to Mongolia with her husband and my cousin in July, we wanted to meet up all. She and her husband planned the whole trip from lovely Vienna to peaceful Obertraun. And that is what I want to share with you all. I want to explain to those, who have been asking me why I do travel that often. Actually I don't travel that often haha, I post just photos of me traveling on Facebook, so maybe that is the reason why people think my life is just about traveling. So lets explore the heaven on the Earth with me...