March 30, 2014



Good day to you all! I hope you all are having super duper cool Sunday as I'm having. My friend Vivy went to Holland today, so I'm just waiting till she texts me how awesome or boring Holland is. I've never been there, thus I'm so excited to hear something from her. Yesterday we did a quick primitive photoshooting, before she was gone. 
A very long time, I was thinking of some retro outfit, but when I checked out my wardrobe, there was not a single piece of clothing, that has been flashing through my mind. But, when I checked Vivy's wardrobe. Oh my G-d! She is such a retro girl... So I dressed up her as I was thinking to dress up myself, if I had some retro clothing. 
The Pull&Bear top is quite boring, when it is left alone. The thing, which makes it so chic is the masive necklace - half golden, half silver. Zara always rocks. What I like the most on this outfit are these retro jeans from Topshop. The jeans are called "Mom Jeans" and look just awesome. I was wondering whether to choose Vans sneakers or these super cute Zara heels. Zara won!

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