March 31, 2014

Monday's #regram 1


Good day folks! Hope you have had a wonderful Monday. Mine has been good, my classmates are in Holland, therefore I don't even have to take classes, because there are not enough students. I wish I was in Holland... Stupid me didn't send the application in time haha. So, as I was bored, My thought went to a direction of this blog. I don't know yet what kind of direction should I follow - whether travel blog or fashion one. So I sat down, wondered, wrote down and so on. My thought came to a result - As I check Instagram almost every second, I thought I could post every Monday photos of people I follow, who stole my heart. Voilà here it is!

I have been following this girl since I found her amazing music videos on Youtube. She is a fabulous French singer, who has released some amazing songs. Definitely woth to listen and to watch them! Her music is so fresh and girly, but not so. She is trying to be not that cliché. I'm sure you would get addicted to her photos on instagram! She knows how to make her photos mesmerizing! Long long long time I was wondering why. Well, I got the answer in an interview with her on Youtube. She studies photograpy! Hah j'ai réussi! 

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